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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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*UNL Faculty-Led: Australia: Agriculture and Natural Resources Tour Hobart, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia
Terms: Spring, Winterim Description: Australia Agriculture and Natural Resources Tour       This Agriculture and Natural Resources program introduces students to the fabulous life of an Aussie and Australia's diverse agriculture and natura l[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Australia: International Business in Asia-Pacific Cairns, Australia; Sydney, Australia
Terms: Fall Description: Program Highlights Complete an international business class this winter break in Australia! Through lectures, case studies, company visits, and cultural experiences, develop a greater awareness of how business is conduc ted[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Benin: Community Development, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting Cotonou, Benin
Terms: Fall Description: Program Highlights Work as a team to develop business propositions that will benefit the economy in the frontier market of Benin Meet Beninese students and African immigrants to gain a deeper understanding of  the local culture Visit[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Botswana: Conservation in Southern Africa Pont Drift, Botswana
Terms: Summer Description: Centered on a nature reserve in Botswana, Africa. Students will learn fundamentals of natural history and field techniques in conservation.
*UNL Faculty-Led: China: Architecture in China Beijing, China; Chongqing, China; Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Shanghai, China; Xi'an, China
Terms: Fall Description: Program Highlights Develop both a broad and specific understanding of the cultural landscapes of China to be applied in the development of a design project sited in China. Develop collaboration skills working with people that have a [...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Costa Rica: Educational Perspectives Monteverde, Costa Rica; San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Summer Description: Students will spend 14 days in Monteverde and San Jose, Costa Rica working with students in public and private schools.
*UNL Faculty-Led: England & France: The Visual Arts in London & Paris: Art in the Time of War London, United Kingdom; Paris, France
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Experience a robust and diverse range of arts and culture as you explore London and Paris. From Banksy to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, participants experience over two millennia of art while exploring London. Eng age[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: England: College of Architecture London Program London, United Kingdom; Paris, France
Terms: Spring Description: Program Highlights This program is an immersive exposure to London and Paris. The city will be used as a laboratory for understanding design developments, theory, and propose future ideas on its context. Students will receive walking lectu res,[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Germany: Honors in Berlin: History, Culture, Business, & Technology Berlin, Germany
Terms: Spring Description:
*UNL Faculty-Led: Germany: Spring Semester in Berlin Berlin, Germany
Terms: Spring Description:   Program Highlights Visit famous sites in Berlin, like the Berlin Wall Museum, the Charlottenburg Palace, and the Botanical Gardens and Berlin Zoo! Study alongside UNL students, and other university students from around the [...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Ghana: Literature as Anthropology, Anthropology as Literature Accra, Ghana
Terms: Summer Description: Ghana has a rich history and varied cultural traditions.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Greece: Influence on Nutrition & Sport Athens, Greece; Corinth, Greece; Delphi, Greece; Nafplio, Greece; Olympia, Greece
Terms: Spring Description:
*UNL Faculty-Led: India: Learning through Service, Culture, History, & Language Agra, India; Jaipur, India; New Delhi, India; Patna, India
Terms: Summer Description: This faculty-led study abroad program will be centered in Jaipur, India and will take place over 3 weeks earning 3 credits of GLST 391.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Ireland & UK 2018 Dublin, Ireland; London, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall Description:   Program Highlights Attend the 2018 Euro CHRIE Conference in Dublin! Visit and interact with hospitality businesses in both Dublin and London! Participate on an industry visit to the Langham Hotel in London! Academic s Course[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Israel: Water Security and the Arab Israeli Conflict Jerusalem, Israel; Tel Aviv, Israel
Terms: Summer Description: A substantial amount of time will be devoted to the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict overall with questions of water security.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Italy: Interdisciplinary Art & Culture Florence, Italy; Venice, Italy
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights An interdisciplinary month-long studio art residency experience for students of any discipline interested in the arts. Museum visits to many of the world’s most esteemed masterpieces. Museum Card offers unlimi ted[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Italy: Rome - The Eternal City Naples, Italy; Rome, Italy
Terms: Summer Description: The program will use the cities of Rome and Naples -- and the museums and ancient sites within and around these cities -- as the primary classroom.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Italy: Sicily Mummy Studies Sicily, Italy
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Visually assess mummy preservation and learn how scientists are involved in the conservation and preservation of religiously significant people. Attend lectures on a variety of topics related to mummification incl uding[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Japan: Crossroads of Religions and Popular Culture Kyoto, Japan; Osaka, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Summer Description: The program consists of multiple components: lectures, guided tours, site visits, site stays, interaction with local students and projects.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Madagascar: Engineers Without Borders Kianjavato, Madagascar
Terms: Summer Description:
*UNL Faculty-Led: Namibia: Wildlife Conservation Windhoek, Namibia
Terms: Summer Description:                                          Overview Program Highlights Location Academic Program Accommodation s[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud Christchurch, New Zealand
Terms: Spring Description: Program Highlights Gain knowledge of the agricultural industry in New Zealand and various commodities they export and New Zealand’s role in the global agricultural market. Discover how current issues such as energy, climate ch ange,[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Oman & UAE: Perspectives in Development Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Muscat, Oman
Terms: Spring Description: Evaluate models of development by comparing and contrasting two countries in the Middle East, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Panama: Leadership and Economic Development David, Panama; Panama, Panama
Terms: Fall Description:   Program Highlights Visit the Panama Canal, a vital component to expanding global trade routes in the 20th century Create a development plan for a high-end sail boat marina, and work to craft an exportation plan of Nebraska gr ain[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Rwanda: Land, People, and Change Kigali, Rwanda
Terms: Summer Description:   Program Highlights Learn about the history, culture, agricultural and environmental practices, and current state of Rwanda. Gain a first-hand understanding of how arts-based digital storytelling techniques can be used for en gaging[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: South Africa: History and Ethics Cape Town, South Africa; Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Terms: Summer Description: It is a country of many diverse contrasts through its people, its topography, its food, its languages, and its experiences.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Spain and France: Agriculture and Culture Avignon, France; Barcelona, Spain; Girona, Spain; Paris, France
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Learn about many of the food and agricultural specialties of the Provence region of France and the Catalonia region of Spain. Visit Girona, Spain- one of the most important food science centers of Europe--IRTA of Mo nells. Enjoy[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Spain: Sociology of Pilgrimage Along the Camino Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Terms: Summer Description: The Camino de Santiago –or The Way of St. James- has been traveled on for nearly a thousand years by pilgrims from all walks of life.
*UNL Faculty-Led: Turkey: Archaeological Field School at Antiochia ad Cragum Gazipasa, Turkey
Terms: Summer Description:   Program Highlights Take part in a once-in-a lifetime opportunity! Participants in the field school will learn comprehensive archaeological methods, including excavation and recording, mapping, surveying, object photography, an d[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: United Kingdom: PGA Golf Management/Center for Grassland Studies Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Saint Andrews, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Develop a deeper understanding of the golf industry through an increasingly important international/cultural lens.  Spend time in Edinburgh and St. Andrews, Scotland exploring cultural and golf-related issu es[...]
*UNL Faculty-Led: Zambia: Engineers Without Borders Zimba, Zambia
Terms: Summer Description:
*UNL Program: England: Nebraska at Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Experience all Oxford, England has to offer: theater, historical sites, and sporting events. Study with world-class faculty at Jesus College, part of Oxford University. Punt the Thames River, visit Stratford-upon- Avon[...]
*UNL Program: France: IAU College- Summer in Aix-en-Provence Aix-en-Provence, France
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Live with a French host family while studying in the quaint and beautiful Aix-en-Provence in southern France Gain a deep understanding of French culture and economy and how business is conducted Enhance [...]
*UNL Program: Spain: IAU College- Summer in Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Terms: Summer Description: Program Highlights Experience all Barcelona has to offer: amazing architecture, excellent cuisine, and spectacular beaches Gain a deeper understanding of Barcelona and the Catalan culture while examining Spain's complex econ omy[...]
Exchange: Germany: Biberach University of Applied Science (Bilateral) Biberach an der Riss, Germany
Terms: Summer Description: Germany Biberach University of Applied Sciences/Germany    Overview Program Highlights Location Academic Program Accommodations and Other Arrangements Budget Additional Resources Program[...]
~NU Sponsored: Colombia: Spanish Language and Public Health Barranquilla, Colombia
Terms: Summer Description:   Program Highlights Study alongside fellow Nebraska students from the University of Nebraska's four campuses!  Visit Lake Nicaragua and the Masaya Volcano Implement a public health project in rural Nicaragua Develop Sp anish[...]