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International Travel Registry for Students

What is the International Travel Registry for Students (ITRS)?

The ITRS is a confidential and secure online database for maintaining essential travel information for all students traveling internationally in association with UNL. The ITRS enables the University to
  • provide resources to travelers and enroll them in mandatory international insurance to maximize their safety and health while abroad; 
  • coordinate the University's response in the event of an emergency;
  • ensure an accurate and complete accounting of international travel at UNL and by college.
While the EAO administers the ITRS, "approval" of the student's registration serves only as an acknowledgement of receipt, not an endorsement of the travel plans.

What does University-Sponsored mean?

The ITRS is designed for non-credit University-sponsored international travel by undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. University-sponsored international travel includes, but is not limited to any one of the following:
  • Formal, non-credit international travel by students organized and/or sponsored by UNL, a UNL unit, or a UNL faculty or staff member;
  • International travel by an individual student supported wholly or in part with UNL funding in the form of a grant, scholarship, assistantship, or while on UNL payroll;
  • International travel by a student accompanying at least one UNL employee with a purpose that is relevant to the University's mission;
  • International travel organized and/or sponsored by UNL registered student organizations (RSOs), formally recognized UNL teams or groups; and
  • International travel by students to meetings of academic and professional associations, including conferences.
If the travel meets at least one of the descriptions above, it will be considered University-sponsored. Registration is not required for personal travel outside of the United States, unless the personal travel immediately precedes or immediately follows travel associated with the University.

Who must register using the ITRS?

All undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are required to register their university-sponsored international travel. Students participating in for-credit or UNL-administered study, internship, research, or service learning programs (whether group or individual) will complete a separate application process administered by the Education Abroad Office, and therefore need not complete a registration in the ITRS.

Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to pursue academic credit for study, research, internship, and service learning experiences abroad. There are many benefits to earning credit and to verifying eligibility for credit prior to departure. Undergraduates must complete the application process with the EAO for all for-credit experiences including those not listed in the MyWorld program search. If earning credit in conjunction with their University-sponsored travel is not possible, they should complete the travel registration process using the ITRS.

Graduate and professional students must complete the application process with the EAO for all for-credit study experiences, including those not listed in the MyWorld program search. However, they should complete the ITRS travel registration process for research, internship, and service learning experiences, whether for-credit or non-credit. Graduate students traveling in the capacity of a UNL employee should also adhere to any guidance or policies associated with employee international travel.

International students need to register using the ITRS process if traveling primarily for University purposes or with a UNL group or employee, including when traveling to their home country. If an international student plans to take an academic course for transfer credit while visiting their home country, they need not complete a registration using ITRS, but should work with the International Student and Scholar Office as usual.

Community members also need to register using the ITRS process if they are traveling with one or more members affiliated with a UNL unit. Additionally, community members will be enrolled in mandatory health and security insurance coverage.

If necessary, the EAO will redirect the student or community member to the appropriate process.

Before Starting the Registration Process

Prior to starting the registration process, students should read the Policy on University Sponsored Travel by Students, Faculty, Staff, or Members of the General Public to Countries Under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Health Notice. Students should then visit the following two websites to check whether the University of Nebraska will approve travel to the countries that they plan to visit:

How do students register?

Students may access the ITRS by clicking the "Register Now" button at the top of this page.

All students who travel abroad for University-related purposes must register their international travel and complete all registration steps no later than two weeks prior to their expected departure date. Whenever possible, travelers should update their registration as additional information becomes available or as changes occur during travel, including additional countries added to the travel itinerary.

Campus units sponsoring activities have a responsibility to ensure that student participants in UNL-sponsored international travel are aware of and comply with this requirement. If a campus unit is organizing the non-credit international travel of a group that includes two or more students, the unit should send the EAO a list of all group members (students, community members, faculty, and staff). The EAO will create a registration for each individual, and then instruct group members to log in and complete the registration steps. For for-credit or credit-optional programs, campus units should follow the guidelines for proposing an education abroad program.

Registration requires submission of the following:
  • Emergency contact information;
  • Clear, color scan of passport (the page with the photo and personal information);
  • Detailed travel plans (dates and locations);
  • Contact information of the UNL employee(s) coordinating, advising, promoting, and/or funding the travel opportunity; and
  • Payment preference for mandatory AIG health and security insurance coverage ($1.50 per day).
Registrants are required to: Registrants are encouraged to: For any questions regarding use of the ITRS, please contact the Education Abroad Office at (402) 472-5358 or via email at